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e27 Fundraise Programme

Address your fundraising woes with increased company visibility, access to global investors, and an end-to-end SaaS platform to manage your capital raising process.

End-to-end process management

Access Premium CRIISP

CRIISP, powered by Wholesale Investor, is an end-to-end, SaaS platform for raising capital, accessing investors, engaging in Q&As, managing and tracking investor interest, and operating your investment deal room.

  • One stop shop for capital raising
  • Transaction-ready deal rooms
  • Investor tracking and instant messaging

Get a 12-month access to the CRIISP platform with the e27 Fundraise Programme.

Company visibility

Build your credibility to investors

Get your business on the radars of global investors on both e27’s and Wholesale Investor’s platforms.

  • Get featured on e27
  • Company listicle feature in Wholesale Investor's newsroom
  • Share your milestones to 25,000+ global investors

Investor network at a glance

e27 Fundraise Programme is a partnership between e27 and Wholesale Investor to help you supercharge your fundraising.


These companies are part of the e27 Fundraise Programme

Get 12 months premium access

Get featured on e27, share your monthly milestones to investors, and access the CRIISP platform with lead management, pitch deck folder, messaging, analytics and tracking, marketplace listing, and more.

US$4,000for a single user

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Who is Wholesale Investor?

    Wholesale Investor is Australasia’s leading investment platform that connects innovative, emerging companies that are looking to raise capital with their active, engaged and growing ecosystem of over 29,300 high-net-worth investors, fund managers, family offices, PE and VC firms, government bodies and industry participants. They are also founders, who understand the emotional rollercoaster that it is to be a founder and know how hard and frustrating the capital raising process can be.

  • Why is e27 partnering with Wholesale Investor?

    As part of e27’s mission to empower companies to grow their business, e27 looks to reinforce the mission through potential capital raising opportunities by enabling companies to connect with a global network of high-net-worth investors through Wholesale Investor.

  • How is the e27 Fundraise Programme different from e27 Pro membership?

    e27 Pro membership is a holistic approach that gives you all the access that an e27 free membership has, plus special features geared specifically to help you grow your company such as: - Get access to the Connect programme that lets you speak with investors - Enjoy Perks of discounted rates for services and products for your company - Receive twice-weekly Ecosystem Insights - Have the chance to highlight your company through e27’s platform - Have an ad-free experience when browsing the e27 site On the other hand, e27 Fundraise Programme heavily focuses on the capital raising activities and opportunities. That means you get: - 12-month access to the capital raising platform (CRIISP) - Company visibility on both e27’s and Wholesale Investor’s platform through company feature and milestone updates

  • Does the e27 Fundraise Programme guarantee capital raising?

    No. It’s that simple. No one can! This space is hard and companies need to work hard to raise capital. The e27 Fundraise Programme is designed to provide companies with the opportunity to access a wider pool of investors through an end-to-end capital raising process management platform while putting the company on the investors’ radar.

  • What company stage is best suited for this programme?

    The investors on the programme have invested in companies with different stages ranging from seed round, Series A, Series B, pre-IPO and IPO.

  • Can the e27 Fundraise Programme work on a success fee only?

    No. Both e27 (media company) and Wholesale Investor (business introduction service) are not a Corporate Finance house or Broker and therefore unable to work with a success fee model.