Updates: Gametize contacted us after this blogpost was published. The company is currently in the midst of their expansion plans into the US market. The new office will be based in San Francisco.

Echelon 2011 alumnus, Gametize, recently made their appearance on Singapore’s first entrepreneurship reality show, Angel’s Gate and clinched a SGD200,000 deal for 25 percent equity. e27 caught up with co-founder, Brenda to catch up on their plans ahead.

Progress  since Echelon 2011

2011 has been  an exciting year of ups and downs for Gametize. Gametize had the opportunity of meeting up with a lot of interesting people and had been fine-tuning Gamemaki‘s offerings based on the feedbacks received.

However, the company went into a period of financial difficulty  and caused work to halt when an investment that was concluded earlier in 2011 was unexpectedly retracted. Although this had affected Gamemaki’s development, Brenda added that team remained united amidst the tough period.

Towards the end of 2011, things began looking up for the company. Apart from taking part in Angel’s Gate (watch here), a reality show for entrepreneurs, the company also secured some funding from external projects and investments in December. This sets GameMaki’s development back to full speed. The iOS application went into public beta in November. They also announced our self-serve gamification campaign-creation module along with our official launch at DEMO Asia a couple weeks ago.

The Gametize office. Photo: Gametize

Socialico rebrands as Gametize

Recently , the company has made the move to rebrand itself as ‘Gametize’ after repositioning themselves as a proponent and practioner of gamification. For the past three years or so, the company has been building social applications integrated with game elements and was took the concept of gamification more seriously when they built GameMaki – a social discovery application for sharing and discovering fun challenges. Throughout the course of GameMaki’s development, they were more convinced of the potential of gamification and how it can drive users’ behaviour.

With this rebranding, Gametize hopes to establish themselves as a thought leader for gamification in Asia. Besides developing GameMaki, the company also runs gamification campaigns for brands and merchants as well as provide consulting services on gamification.

Favorite moments of Echelon 2011 and the event has helped GameMaki

During Echelon 2011, Gametize ran an event-wide gamification campaign with challenges at different booths as a pilot and learnt a great deal of what worked and what did not. Based on the feedbacks and observations, Gametize have now sharpened their executions for future campaigns and will continue to optimize and learn how to improve the product. Brenda added that this will always be an ongoing learning process where the company will get better.

Gametize’s Future Plans

Gametize is looking into expanding the availability of platforms in the coming months, starting with Android. Additionally, the existing iOS app will be redeveloped to take the gaming experience to the next level. This allows users to discover more relevant and fun challenges and games around them.

On top of making improvements to their products, Gametize will also be looking to provide more value-added services for brands and merchants who partner with them, such as the creation of custom white-label mobile applications for merchants to showcase their challenges and games on.

Co-founders, Damon and Keith Photo: Gametize

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