Garuda Indonesia announces their plans to bring internet connectivity to all their airplanes starting this year

Often a time when we travel around with a local Indonesia flight carrier, once our flight successfully takes off, everything seems to be perfect until we realized we need to send that one important email. Whether you are a business traveller or a leisure traveller, internet connection is definitely an valuable flight companion for you if you need to be always connected to the web.

Indonesia’s leading Airline, Garuda Indonesia is planning to provide wireless Internet service (Wi-Fi) for their eight new aircraft at the end of this year. Garuda Indonesia received the approval from the country’s regulator, Ministry of Transportation last year, and will be rolling out the installation of internet points on their aircrafts in stages. First, it will be installed on their new airplanes, namely the Airbus 330-200 and Boeing 737-800NG, followed by their Boeing 777-300ER, which will take place in May 2013. The costs of installation will be approximately US$ 100,000 per aircraft.

The Internet plan, called “In-Flight Connectivity”, which was officially announced last week on April 4th, was formed in cooperation with their long-time partner, Telkom. “In-Flight Connectivity” is launched in response to the growing demand for on-board connectivity from both domestic and foreign passengers. Although there will be a WiFi connection, Pujobroto, VP Corporate Communications of Garuda Indonesia ensured that there will be no airline ticket price increase as the WiFi provision is a form of Garuda Indonesia’s commitment to improve their services.

However, there are no further information on the service bandwidth and its limitation. The question of whether are we able to access websites that requires a high bandwidth such as YouTube, connecting to individual VPNs or downloading large files from servers still remains. While some might argue that any connections is definitely better than none, a modest connectivity which does not take 10 minutes to load is definitely needed to provide a better experience to passengers.

Pujobroto also mentioned that economy and business class passengers who fly with their Wi-Fi enabled smart phones, laptops and tablets can expect to use it on Garuda carriers this October at the earliest, without any additional charges.

Photo: Hothardware