Geek becomes the new chic. How a fashion giant is using inspirations from Facebook to be more social

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By Winnie Nelson

As social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter have taken over the world like storm, the cosmetics world has utilized this breakthrough by incorporating the idea of Facebook and cosmetics. 

Yves Saint Laurent, has elevated its name by producing a limited edition of eyeshadow palette inspired by Facebook. By mentioning Facebook, think blue, white and black. These colours are a great combination for both day and night looks.

Various beauty brands have embraced the usage of female cartoon characters such as Betty Boop for Lancome to Miss Piggy for MAC to portray cuteness and feminism. YSL decides to show its “declaration of love” to its fans by creating the Pure Chromatics Devoted To Fans palette, which “[WEAVES] together the now highly identifiable Facebook blue with the luxurious Yves Saint Laurent design.” Packed in classy yet simple palette, the YSL acronym stands out on the cover with blue base as a signature for Facebook.

There are only 1,650 palettes available according to Facebook fans who purchase these palettes are entitled to “privileges” such as services and information through their Facebook feed and in store. Pretty much similar to what MAC and Clinique have done to convey information to consumers except that they send the information through subscribed emails.

According to Damien Vincent, “We are honored that a prestigious brand such as Yves Saint Laurent resumes Facebook color codes to launch a unique product destined for his fans.” This creativity launches 19 July on YSL Beauty’s Facebook page.

YSL uses this ingenuity to connect with consumers in line with the current obsession towards social networking sites. By creating a fusion of a well-renowned beauty brand and Facebook, it creates a bigger hype for the label. Personally, YSL has up the ante by producing colour palettes inspired by Facebook instead of solely relying on garnering likes on Facebook pages done by various beauty labels by Clinique, Origins, Bobbi Brown, Maybelline and many more.

Facebook has now penetrated the cosmetics world. What next? Perhaps Twitter may inspire other beauty labels for more limited edition cosmetics such as limited edition lipstick to commemorate the idea of short updates voiced by users in Twitter.

Source: NY Daily News

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