August is pumping up to be a real geek fest. We have GeekCamp SG coming up this weekend on 22nd August and Singapore Google Technology User Group happening the following weekend on 29th August. September has it’s fair share of geek-related events but I’ll leave that for another post.

So what do you get by attending GeekCamp SG this weekend? If you’re game to find out, here’s 5 reasons why you should be there!

Number 5: Ever wanted to check out the smashing offices of Yahoo! Southeast Asia?

If you have always wanted to see how big tech companies house their minions, this is your chance. Come and check out Yahoo!’s cool purple offices where everybody deliberately goes “Just Yahoo! it” instead of “Just Google it”. GeekCamp SG will be held at Yahoo!’s office at Suntec City Mall tower 4, floor 8.

Number 4: A full day of pure technology related talks

The only session on the list NOT tech related is the lunch session, but I’m pretty darn sure code will be spouting off everyone’s mouth during lunch, so that literally leaves us with a full day of geek talk! Everyone is going to be high on code and geek talk. It is rare that you get events these days purely dedicated to platforms and technologies. Events are usually peppered with marketing content and non-technical related stuff. If back to back developer topics are not enough for you, there’s even smaller “byte” sized talks called lighting talks that is sure to leave developers craving for more!

Number 3: Corridor Conversations

Back in the days when I was in the valley, I used to go for events called SuperHappyDevHouses. These were developer centric events where the community was all hacking, eating and drinking together, in a house sponsored by one of the members. The whole purpose was to get people coding and hacking together, in the spirit that it would help build bonds among developers and grow the developer community. While the hacking was fun, the real value I got was during the corridor sessions, where I got to meet people randomly while having a beer, munching on  a pizza or waiting for the next person to get out of the loo. This is where I exchanged ideas with other developers, made connections through the ideas and found out what other cool projects people were working on. I believe that it is going to be just like SuperHappyDevHouse at GeekCamp. The best moments are going to be happening down the hallways of Yahoo! and in the corners, outside the presentation area. Heck who knows, maybe the next big idea would come from 2 random strangers, who met on the corridors of Yahoo! while attending GeekCamp SG!

Number 2: No more developer evangelists and corporate big wigs

Corporate events run by the corporate big wigs usually entail the attendees having to sit through boring and repeated presentations done by developer evangelists, about the same old platforms that are merely improvements of the previous un-used and unwanted versions. Where are the events where the users themselves are sharing what’s great and in some cases, what’s not so great about the tools and platforms? GeekCamp SG is it! Not only do you get some of our best developers around (Sau Sheong, Patrick Haller, Shunjie etc.) sharing the best and worst about platforms, you are going to meet people who actually use these platforms on a regular basis. Finally, we have evangelists evangelizing platforms that they enjoy using and are familiar with, and not because they are paid to do so.

Number 1: Find developers and finally get working on that big idea!

We are constantly complaining about the lack of technical talent in Singapore and how hard it is to find developers. That is probably one of the biggest problems faced by any non-technical startup founder and one of the main stumbling blocks in starting up. Where are the developers you might ask? At GeekCamp of course! In case you have not seen it yet, the RSVP list is made up of a buck load of developers using all sorts of  tools and platforms. This is the best place around for any startup founder to network and potentially meeting your CTO to start your next big thing. Even if you’re not starting up, but you’re just looking for developers for freelance work or whatever reason, GeekCamp SG is the place to be. It’s quite possibly one of the largest gathering of web developers this year, so don’t miss it!