GeekcampSG is back, and this time, it will be bigger and better.

What is GeekcampSG? GeekcampSG is a conference for geeks and will see developers and hackers discuss topics on the latest trend in web development as well as several programming-centric lightning talks. The format is simple, anyone can submit a topic they want to talk about during geekcamp, and the highest number of voted topics will be assigned a slot to present in front of all the GeekcampSG attendees.

This year, the theme for GeekcampSG is “Bring a youngling to GeekcampSG!”. As the name might suggest, “Youngling” refers to a geek who’s still in school, be it in university, polytechnic, junior college, secondary school, or even primary school. The geek scene’s average age has been growing year by year over the past few years, and the team believes that the time is now right to get more younglings in again.

The team from GeekcampSG shared exclusively with e27 that the venue of GeekcampSG has been confirmed and it will be at Microsoft Singapore. With still two months before the event, there has been more than 150 signups for the event, which definitely gives a strong testimony that the local geek scene has grown over the past few years, and GeekcampSG this time round, will definitely be its biggest edition yet.

Event Details:

Date: 18th August 2012

Time: 9:30am to 6.00pm (Afterparty afterwards)

Location: Microsoft Singapore, #22-01, 1 Marina Boulevard Singapore 018989 (

Attendees registration:

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