For the first time, Geekcamp.SG has been oversubscribed with still a month to go before the actual event. The organizers have decided to open it up to 150 more geeks.

With still a month away, Geekcamp Singapore has managed to attract so much interest from the local developers community that it is oversubscribed now. According to one of the organizers, Laurence Putra, the total number of register participants currently exceeds the total number of participants for Geekcamp.SG last year. Currently, there are also more than 30 topics submitted for public voting on its homepage. The topics features some speakers whom are highly regarded in the local community such as Mugunth, Dr Bernard Leong, Michael Cheng, and Calvin Cheng.

Due to overwhelming demand, Geekcamp.SG is opening another 150 tickets for interested participants who would like to attend the event in August. The huge response towards the event proves one thing – If you think Singapore is lacking in good quality developers, think again.

Other than the new round of ticket release, Geekcamp.SG is also calling for donations from the community. The donations will go towards making Geekcamp.SG more awesome for everyone with more swags and towards the afterparty. Any unspent money will be put towards next year’s Geekcamp.SG.

The event is supported by Windows Azure, Softlayer, iDA Singapore, as well as tech65. Geekcamp.SG will take place on the 18th August at Microsoft Singapore. The theme of this year’s Geekcamp.SG is “Bring a youngling to GeekcampSG!”. As the name might suggest, “Youngling” refers to a geek who’s still in school, be it in university, polytechnic, junior college, secondary school, or even primary school.

You can register for the event here. If you missed the registration the first time round, you should probably go and register now while the ticket last.