There is almost no such thing as a overly well-researched first-time parent. That is why Malaysia-based social networking app InstaB for parents to document their children’s growth will be introducing a brand new questions and answers (Q&A) feature on April 9.

Dubbing it as Baby Q&A, the answer to Quora for babies, the platform will allow parents to ask questions and seek out opinions of other parents. These parents can also attach a photo to their questions, follow other questions and conduct discussions. For those who would like to keep everything private, they can also opt to share questions with their own group of friends.

Having launched in January, the app has grown to see more than 30,000 parents upload heartwarming moments of their little ones. Tang Tung Ai, CEO, InstaB said, “(Asking questions is) something parents are used to doing anyway in real life, just not on a single dedicated platform like the one we have now.”

Tung told e27, “The main reason we planned to launch this feature is because we found that some of our users had started to post photos and ask questions on the Photo Wall (we wish to keep the Photo Wall as timeline of baby growth only). So we thought that there was a need for a place for parents to discuss other things or problems, beside sharing their baby growth or milestones.”

In the future, there might be the possibility of having experts on the platform to answer questions. He added, “There won’t be any experts on the platform as for now. All answers will be from other parents who might have had the same experience or problems before.”