Do you spend a lot of time on social networks like Facebook or Twitter? If the answer is yes, why not earn some extra money while you’re at it?

On Gushcloud, gushers (users performing tasks on Gushcloud) are rewarded for promoting the brands and products that they like and in return, receive monetary rewards. Tasks include liking or sharing a Facebook page, tweeting, blogging, doing a survey and many others.

For companies or individuals that want to market or get their message out, Gushcloud offers a fuss-free way of creating buzz. This makes social media marketing easy for everyone by tapping on the power of crowd sourcing. Co-founder, Althea realises certain key trends and problems within the social marketing sphere and says, “There was a gap between how brands would like to communicate their ideas and products directly to the consumers, and Gushcloud was built to fill up that gap.”

I have personally tried and tested the platform. I must say that this is definitely an easy way to earn money while surfing the Internet. The extra ka-ching is just a Facebook post away!

The user experience is great. From the cheerful and ‘cutesy’ layout of the website to the ease of performing tasks, gushcloud makes gushing an enjoyable and effortless experience for its users. The simple step-by-step procedure for creating a task or ‘gushcloud’ also makes it easy for anyone to reach out to the online community.

Below is a short interview e27 had with Althea and Vincent, founders of Gushcloud:

Many startups encounter problems marketing their products. What advice do you have for early startups to gain traction?

Start with the basic idea, test it on your target audience, iterate and get a better product fit. Rinse and repeat. Gushcloud started with the backing of our digital marketing agency and our existing relationships with youth influencers. We could tap into that community easily.

For your startup, don’t procrastinate or operate in a silo. Work with potential customers/partners from the onset, be close to your target audience/market and keep networking. Someone might have the right community for your widget/website that you can potentially leverage. If you can’t find customers or users willing to use your product or service early, maybe its time to rethink the idea or pivot fast.

How does Gushcloud differentiate itself from other online crowd sourcing marketing platforms?

Gushcloud makes online marketing and advertising a rewarding social activity. In typical crowd sourcing platforms, you are not a part of a community. Instead, you are more of a contractor looking for jobs posted by vendors, occasionally. Building a relationship might be a goal but more often than not, it is a transaction. Gushcloud was built to help businesses start forming relationships with consumers in ways that complement Facebook and Twitter.

Businesses know who they are targeting and they can target communities instead of just individuals. On Gushcloud, they can look for influencers (other crowd sourced marketing platforms don’t measure influence).

Focus on marketing/advertising: Gushcloud makes it easy for anyone to do digital marketing. No complicated briefs or specifications and we’re not limited to paid tasks. Businesses or non-profits can also post favours.

About Gushcloud:

Gushcloud is social media platform that allows anyone with a message or marketing need to connect with an online target audience and reward them for promoting the message on social networks or performing marketing tasks such as completing a survey.

The company was founded in March 2011 by Ms. Althea Lim (CMO) and Mr Vincent Ha (CEO). Both have been in the online marketing business for the last 2 years in The Barnett Group, an agency that specializes in digital and social media marketing co-founded by Althea. Their CTO, Mr. Bryan Chow has over 10 years of experience in tech startups, mostly in Silicon Valley.

In early November 2011, the core team participated in the 8th Founder Showcase international pitch competition and came in 2nd in terms of Judges scores and 3rd place for overall position. Gushcloud is the only Singaporean team that has made it to the top 10 of Founder Showcase.