Indonesian startup, recently launched their social network platform to celebrate beautiful and inspiring ladies for men to admire not only their external beauty. But, more importantly, see the inner beauty and talent behind every pretty  facade. e27 recently had a short interview with CEO of Updaterus, Jonathan Marga Luhur to find out more about the social network.

Jonathan Marga Luhur, CEO of UpdaterusA little about the man behind the social platform

Prior to starting, Joanathan was working as a DJ. Being in the entertainment industry, he had the opportunity to come across many beautiful girls which he cheekily claims that the relationships were all purely friendship. Jonathan adds that when guys see a pretty girl, they will let their imagination run wild by picturing how sexy they look based on their exterior appearance and curvatures. Men seldom think beyond the pretty outer covering of a beautiful girl. I.e., The girl’s passion, hobby, beliefs, character are often overlooked. He went on to affirm that women are judged physically all the time and that is a fact.

On top of being involved in the music industry, Jonathan has always loved technology, especially after working as a software sales executive back in the United States. After graduating with an MBA degree, instead of looking for a steady job in The U.S., he went back to Indonesia to catch the technology trend with the hope that he can contribute something beneficial for others.

Bringing out the inner beauty in every woman

Updaterus was then created to show everyone that there is more to just a beautiful face or body. Behind every pretty face is one very interesting girl with a unique personality, multiple talents that is waiting to be discovered.

We are now living in an era where social media has infiltrated most aspects of our lives. For girls (and guys), there is a phenomenon of taking self shots or pictures of themselves uploading it onto a social media platform. Meanwhile, men like to check out beautiful girls on social media (e.g Facebook). Updaterus wants to change this behavior by showing not only how beautiful women are, but also showing beautiful and inspiring women so that users understand the true meaning of beauty.

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Competition in the social network space

In view of the competitive space in the social media platform, Jonathan believes that it’s never too late to do something. Even if they did, it’s better be late than never. The key is to always be innovating and creating values for the users. What makes them different from any other social media platforms is the focus they have on the personality of our beauties. Other social media offer just enough information about a person while they are taking a step further to dig down more on the personality and their story.

Next steps and plans for Updaterus

The team realizes that their road is still long to reach their goal and mission. What they have now is only the beginning. In the next phase, there will be more focus on building more features to dig up more about the personalities and behavior of the beauties. Also, both mobile site and apps will be up soon. Marketing wise, they will be doing beauty campaigns soon.