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Gina Romero
Unconventional Entrepreneur | Community Builder | Connected Woman


As featured on the LinkedIn Speaker Series "The world's greatest thought leaders sharing their knowledge", Gina is a dynamic community builder who works across the entrepreneurship, startup, and women’s ecosystems.


I often introduce myself as someone who has failed in business several times since the age of 16, not because I am proud of my mistakes but because I value failure as a catalyst for success. I have since dedicated my life to helping others succeed.

Community, entrepreneurship and technology are at the heart of everything I do. I run a number of businesses and initiatives with a focus on providing a platform for women to harness technology for success.

~ As an entrepreneur, I believe that professional development and entrepreneurship training should be accessible to all women regardless of geographical location, race, education and financial standing.

~ As a technology advocate, I aim to inform, inspire and equip women to embrace technology to build businesses and launch careers that create impact in communities around the world.

~ As a community builder, I work with corporate and community partners, local organisations and government agencies to provide initiatives for women-led businesses to strengthen the regional startup and SME ecosystem.

And by the way…

Fun, creativity and childlike curiosity are fundamental elements of my work ethic. I love what I do, but I don’t take myself too seriously.

"From failure we learn, from success not so much" ~Meet the Robinsons
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I'm based in

Manila, Philippines