You may not know who Patrick Mork, Danielle Deibler, Alessandro Tento and Scott Foe are, but chances are you’ve heard of the companies they used to work for. In respective order, these veterans worked for Google, Kixeye, Activision and Sega.

Together, they’ll be forming a new startup mobile games studio called Unspoken Tales. The company will be focused on making story-driven action RPGS for tablet devices.

CEO Patrick Mork said in a Techcrunch interview that the studio’s focus is a bet on a future where hardcore gamers will devote more time onto mobile devices than on consoles. “I woke up one day and I realised that the kind of games I like to play, which are role-playing games, there really wasn’t a lot on tablets. There weren’t many options that were fun for consumers.”

The company is working on an untitled project that has a focus on narrative and will be a mobile equivalent to titles such as BioShock, Final Fantasy and Diablo. “You have a deep experience that has a strong story to it,”  Mork added, “Now, as a player, you don’t necessarily have to dive in if you don’t want to – you’re exposed to the content and it’s really your decision how much you want to engage in. But we’ve seen, historically, a good story makes a difference.”

Currently, the team is working on raising funds for the game. In the meantime, you can check out the concept artwork for the upcoming game below: