The GrabTaxi guys (or MyTeksi for you Malaysian readers) aren’t going to stop with networking taxi services; they are going beyond it.

The company that created its namesake app and service just announced its new car shuttling service called GrabCar. It’s a complementary service that enables users to book Nissan Teana cars (and more in the future) through their smartphones. Malaysians can use the MyTeksi app to book GrabCar rides.

What are the rentals like? GrabTaxi shared with e27 that charges are calculated in a similar way to taxis. There is a base fare in addition to a rate that’s based on distance. This also includes surcharges during peak hours. For instance, a ride from KLCC to Bangsar in Malaysia will cost users RM19 (US$5.8)  during off peak hours and RM27 (US$8.3) during heavy rush hour periods.

GrabTaxi CEO Anthony Tan said that the company’s success in the region is due to its ability to adapt and evolve to meet user demands. “(GrabCar is introduced) to fill a gap in the industry without taking away business from our core user base of taxis. GrabCar will give our passengers that upmarket, personalised experience, while at the same time, ensure safe and reliable rides.”

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Tan stressed that the GrabCar service is complementary with GrabTaxi. “There are times in the day when it is almost impossible for passengers to get taxis. Unfortunately in Malaysia, there is a ceiling on the number of taxi permits issued. GrabCar provides more cars on the road when people really need them, especially during peak hours.” The company also assured that due to safety reasons, drivers for GrabCar will be thoroughly screened.

Beyond that, the company plans to include traffic data and update options onto its GrabTaxi service specifically for GrabCar. It also is working with a number of fleet partners so that it has a huge network of cars to offer for rent in the next several months.