There’s nothing more exciting than ripping an established product apart, rebuilding it from scratch and relaunching it as a better product, both from within and at the front-end. This is just what the creators of did. And it’s just fitting that they did their relaunch on a weekend, so users will have a better time finding the best upcoming parties. is a virtual RSVP service that enables partygoers to reserve their slots at nightclubs. This way, partygoers don’t have to fall in line at the club entrance only to be turned away because the place is full. gives assurance of entrance, and what’s great is that you can easily invite your friends through social channels.

We earlier did a feature on, where co-founder Ron Baetiong shared how the service was borne out of the need to have better access to nightclub entry. While partygoers would usually have to pay cover charges, signing up for access through is free. The club earns from bar sales, which is their more important revenue stream, after all.

With its relaunch, the developers have improved both the back-end and the front end of The site had been rebuilt from scratch and now runs on Ruby on Rails. The user experience and user interface have also been improved. Ron tells us this release offers better integration with Facebook, which makes it easier for people to sign up, find events and invite friends.

Ron says the team has validated the viability of the service, and that they have traction. now reaches more than 5,000 users and is highlighting partnerships with seven top clubs in Metro Manila. The business model includes three components. First is a per-head fee and commission from every table booked. Then brands and event management companies can put up sponsorships to push their products or events. Then the service also has an upcoming premium offering, where users can pay more for premium membership.

Guestlist screenshot

The future is bright for, as the team plans to launch its mobile application soon. Co-founder Jason Torres tells e27 that this will involve QR code scanning, which should make it easier for clubs to identify users and provide access. The team is looking into utilizing iOS passbook for holding the e-tickets, which should make things easier for users who are already using the virtual wallet to hold their coupons, tickets and funds.

A key difference here is that the team seems to have focused on a web-first approach, unlike other startups and companies that build on mobile first. “We build on the web first so it’s easier to build on mobile,” Ron quips.

The team is currently looking for funding opportunities, which will help Guestlist.PH scale, in terms of geographical coverage and sales.