I got in touch with Chris Franks, one of the co-founders of Pinoy Auto Trader, and he explained how the Cebu-based startup is helping make buying and selling of cars easier.

What is Pinoy Auto Trader?

Pinoy Auto Trader is an upcoming online resource that aims to make the process of buying and selling cars in the Philippines a whole lot easier. Rather than just being a classified advertising site, we’ve tailored Pinoy Auto Trader to not only attract private buyers and sellers but to also appeal to both new and used car dealerships, manufacturers and various other automotive related companies. To do this we’ve created a number of business and marketing tools for car dealers which can all be easily administrated from our custom content management system (CMS). Some of these features include customizable micro-sites, live statistics, inquiry management and a dealership community.

Our product has already been in development for well over twelve months and we’re scheduled to finally launch the site to the general public by the middle of November. We’ve worked hard on creating a robust system which is complemented by an attractive user interface, interesting content and plenty of onsite search engine optimization.

Tell me about your team.

Our team is made up of three Filipinos and two British ex-pats. Together we have combined experience of approximately 20 years in developing and managing online directories. I feel very fortunate to work alongside such a talented of developers and designers who have always maintained such a high belief in our product.

Why is Pinoy Auto Trader unique?

Pinoy Auto Trader is different from other buy and sell websites because we aim to provide more than just classified advertising services. A lot of time and energy has gone into making sure we’ve created features that will help connect buyers and sellers more effectively and lead to a more efficient automotive industry. We’ve also taken the time to develop a significant amount of data and content which will be readily available to our users and will help make car buyers make more informed decisions about what car to buy next. Aside from this, our lead generating strategy is also entirely different to the usual dynamics of your usual buy and sell site.

How do you plan to leverage your participation in h2H?

One of the main purposes of us joining hack2hatch was to gain exposure and to get our idea validated by seasoned professionals and feel that to some extent we’ve already achieved some of those goals by just being selected to participate. This is the first time we’ve really stood up and showcased the website and the whole team are really happy with the initial feedback we’ve had. The mentoring sessions, workshops, networking opportunities and presentations which have been provided through the hack2hatch event have also been extremely rewarding. As an expat looking in, the continuation of events like hack2hatch are really inspiring and a great way to showcase the unbelievable talent that the Philippines has to offer.

About Hack2Hatch

Hack2Hatch was part of the Silicon Valley Comes to the Philippines (SVC2PH) event series this month. h2H ran from October 5 to 7 in Cebu City, and culminated in the PhilDev Economic Forum last Monday, October 8 in Makati City.