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Modern healthcare, while significantly better than ancient health practices, is an industry that is ripe for innovation.

While technology has taken great strides in improving medical practices, the actual administration of healthcare still faces a lot of challenges, what with fragmented geography, infrastructure that cannot yet support new medical technologies, and global shortage of healthcare workers.

There are millions of the world’s population without access to proper healthcare. And we’ll hazard a guess that everyone reading this have suffered through hour-long queues for simple consultations. These are problems that the healthcare industry have to deal with even as they increase the effectivity of medical practices through hard science. But if technology can elevate the level of effectiveness of medical practices, just think about what it can do to improve the administration of healthcare.

Digitisation, particularly in data and analytics, can create substantial improvements to the healthcare process. Imagine a connected world where patient information and health data are accessible all healthcare professionals that have the most chance of providing the best healthcare. Or a tool that quickly analyses data and helps healthcare professionals manage their patients based on severity and urgency. Or even just a tool that uses collected data and health history to determine potential illnesses and possible preventive solutions. Simple solutions for huge improvements.

With the many opportunities that digitisation has opened for the healthcare industry, the question now is how can startups capitalise?

Join Carolyn Ng, Vice-President of Vertex Ventures, as she moderates the fireside chat with Nawal Roy (Holmusk), Julien de Salaberry (Galen Growth Asia), and Gillian Tee (Homage) as they discuss how disruptive innovation make for better healthcare in Echelon Asia Summit 2017. Vertex Ventures is the venture capital arm of Temasek Holdings specialising in early stage life sciences investments globally.

Carolyn will moderate the fireside chat about healthcare data and analytics at the Future stage, accessible to all pass holders

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About Carolyn

HealthcareDr. Carolyn Ng is Vice President of Vertex Ventures HC, the venture capital arm of Temasek Holdings specialising in early stage life sciences investments globally. At Vertex, Dr. Ng is responsible for evaluating and driving venture investments across health tech, biotechnology, and medical device fields. Oncology scientist by background, she is passionate about innovation that impacts patients’ lives and works closely with entrepreneurs, community leaders, life science corporations, and government bodies in shaping a strong and vibrant healthcare startup ecosystem in Singapore. Prior to joining Vertex, Carolyn was a Strategy Consultant at Deallus Consulting, a specialized London-headquartered life sciences consulting firm with clientele comprised of the top 20 global pharmaceutical companies.

Carolyn Ng holds a PhD in Cancer Molecular Biology from the NUS Graduate School for Integrative Sciences and Technology (NGS), where she was a recipient of the prestigious NGS PhD Scholarship. During her academic career, she was a co-inventor of a novel small molecule nuclear receptor activator indicated for the treatment of neuroblastoma. She also holds a BS (Pharmacy) (First Class Honours) degree from the National University of Singapore.

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