Gregorius Bimantoro, CEO & Founder, ProSehat

Gregorius Bimantoro, CEO & Founder, ProSehat

After rigorous process that involved a three-day bootcamp and live pitching in front of judges and audiences, Seedstars World (SSW) ended its Jakarta chapter by announcing online marketplace for pharmacies ProSehat, as the winner on Sunday.

Beating out twelve semifinalists, the company will depart to Geneva in March 2016 to pitch on the main stage.

“We are very excited, but we also have homework to do before we go,” said Gregorius Bimantoro, Founder and CEO of Atoma, the company behind ProSehat.

Bimantoro stressed that building his team will be a crucial part of his preparation for Geneva. “As long as we have a solid team, we will be able to face anything,” he concluded. He mentioned plans to expand his team of ten people into fifteen through hiring within the next two months.

Founded by a team of medical practitioners, ProSehat aims to make refilling prescription medicine much easier. Patients can scan their prescription or have their doctor fill it for them through the ProSehat system. Partner pharmacies will then deliver the medicine directly to the patient’s home with cash-on-delivery (COD) payments which allows them to eliminate queueing time.

Bimantoro, an alumnus of Founder Institute, was inspired by his own experience as a doctor when a patient was having trouble finding prescribed medicine after searching through every pharmacy around the area. ProSehat is able to ensure quality control through its strong network with medical communities and expertise in the field. At the moment the company is still utilising messenger apps to perform its service and is looking to develop their own app.

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Rise of healthcare startups

Amidst the recent hike of transportation-related startups in Indonesia, we noted that there were several healthcare-related ones appearing in SSW, aiming to answer the country’s toughest medical challenges. Another notable startup is Ovula, a mobile app that allows women to plan for a family through the natural and medically proven Billings Ovulation Method.

“The Billings method allows women to understand ovulation through changes in the body, and the mobile app helps make that process easier,” explained Dr. Friesca Vienna Saputra, Co-Founder of Ovula. Noting the arrival of the Internet of Things (IOT), she and Co-Founder Yuvensia Lidya Riyanto then began developing the mobile app in early 2015. The product launched in Google Play Store in August, and it also includes a feature for users to report concerns regarding reproductive health to experts.

This phenomenon received praise from Karen Mok, Asia Regional Manager of Seedstars World and member of the judges panel. She was particularly impressed with how participants are using the desire to solve local problems as motivation to become an entrepreneur.

“The energy and the vision that we saw in this competition is really on top of the line with what we saw in the region … We hope that the ecosystem will grow stronger,” she stated.

To be able to excel and compete at a greater level, Mok gives a little advice for aspiring entrepreneurs. “Focus on your customers, and I would say start small … We always tell our entrepreneurs to think in small chunks, like three months, six months … Starting from there, you can really create something big and investors will notice,” she explained.

Advice was also given by Faustine Tan, Co-Founder and Managing Director of HotelQuickly Indonesia, who delivered a keynote speech in the event. “The networking philosophy that startups need to live by is: You will not take a cup of coffee from a stranger,” she said, highlighting the importance of building networks for aspiring entrepreneurs.

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