Everyday, we receive quite a number of email pitches. I am sure the same goes for other major publications. Companies of various sizes share what they do with us and request for some coverage.

So the question then is, how do you stand out from the other email pitches we receive? Here’s an example of a recent email I received, which in my opinion, was very thoughtfully crafted. I had to say yes to the meeting request to find out more about the company.

emailHere’s the content of the email pitch and why I liked it:

Dear Jacky,

Allow me to introduce myself: I’m Saad – Founder & CTO of Shopbust.

I noticed that you have recently signed up for our invite-only Platform.  Since you represent e27, I would like to personally give you a brief about Shopbust.

Thoughts: First line was straight forward. The sender, Saad, did not spend a lot of time telling me about his background, which would make the introduction cluttered. If I needed to find out more about his background, I can do a simple Google search.

Saad then reminded me how he came across my email. It is common courtesy and if someone does not publicize their email publicly, you do not want the receiver to be caught off guard and feel intruded upon.

Shopbust.com is Asia’s first online full-fledged Mystery Shopping platform. We allow brands to measure their customer experience & brand execution in retail and get real-time feedback.

Thoughts: Easy to understand, straight forward one-line pitch.

The process is pretty simple:

Clients signs up with Shopbust and uploads a list of all their physical outlets that needs attention. They choose their target demographic (Age group, Gender, Income level etc) that they require for their mystery shop and they set a Survey/scenario based on our template / or their own.

On the other side Shopbust members gets to see all these available assignments as per their Profile. They can apply for these jobs and perform a mystery visit by going to the store and following the scenario. Most scenarios will involve making a purchase at the store. Once their mystery visit is done, they will complete their survey online, upload their receipt/pictures and other tasks gives by the business. Once approved they get their “Mystery Shopping Fee”, which usually covers the purchase + a bit extra.

Thoughts: Again, the language is easy to understand and there is minimal usage of bombastic or superlative terms.

We are also launching an iOS + Android app soon that will enable businesses to target people on the move for certain assignments which only requires perhaps taking a photo or a simple 2-4 question survey.

We currently have about 12,000 members who are helping to run our operations in SIngapore, Philippines & Indonesia. We have already signed up a couple of clients in the region and got a deal to run a pilot with 2 big FMCG brand & Consumer Electronics brand.

Our main competitor in this space is: Gigwalk.com (USA). They focus more on the “Spot checks” / mobile workforce, whereas we focus more on full fledged mystery shopping & at the same time spot checks via our apps (which is coming soon).

Thoughts: One of the main things I do when I write my articles is to establish the credibility and find out more about the startup’s background. What this means is that I am very interested to know about your traction (very important), what have you done so far, who else is in the space and what are you planning to do next? Saad’s email pitch has all of this covered.

At this point I am pretty much interested in finding out more about Shopbust. What piques my curiosity now: A Singapore based startup with 12,000 members? Why haven’t I heard of them?

Mystery Shopping has been around for over 10+ years and currently being used by all major brands. However very little innovation has been in this space. Shopbust is essentially cutting all the middle man and trying a create a community where a business can have access to their own army of Mystery shoppers and get real-time shopper feedback.

So far we have raised S$185k (Founders + One External Angel investor) for the platform.

2 mins video on Shopbust: http://shopbust.com/#video

Let me know if you have any questions!

Thoughts: Saad closed by sharing the landscape overview of Mystery Shopping, and why I should be interested in covering about this industry. At the end of the email, too, Saad reinforced the credibility of his company by sharing their funding amount, which drove my curiosity through the roof. What goes through my head now: I have to meet this guy to find out more.

Here’s the article about Shopbust after I met up with Saad: Real time feedback platform Shopbust sees phenomenal traction, raising fund for ambitious plans