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Reynazran Royono, CEO and Founder, Snapcart

Before he founded his Indonesian startup Snapcart, a cashback mobile app, Reynazran Royono had a comfortable life working at FMCG giant Procter & Gamble and top-tier consultancy Boston Consulting Group before transitioning to the digital space.

“I spent nine years at P&G and traditionally, once you have spent such (a) long time there, you are going to stay there forever. But I chose to follow my passion to build a company in the field of technology,” he said at the launch of Snapcart yesterday.

Building Snapcart’s team

Snapcart comprises a 12-member team based in Jakarta. The Android mobile app allows users to receive cashback by scanning the receipt of a promoted product. One of its key features is the partnership with big FMCG brands such as Nestle and L’Oreal, which helps attract users to utilise the app, seeing all the deals said brands can offer in their promotions.

On the other hand, the big brands benefit from having an alternative way to learn about consumer behaviour, provided through real-time data analysis. Such partnerships can only be achieved through a strong network fostered by years of experience.

Snapcart has received an undisclosed amount from Ardent Capital as seed funding.

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“Having people with years of experience helps to drive relationships with brands early on,” said Royono. “It allows you the right penetration with the kind of clients that you want,” he added.

He cited hiring the right key personalities to your team as the most important lesson learned through the process.

Leading a strong team requires even stronger leadership skills and Royono’s best advice includes building leaders.

“Leadership is about mentoring people to be a leader, rather than trying to be a leader (your)self,” he said. “When you mentor people to lead others, automatically, you need to show leadership traits to the people you are mentoring. Basically, you are (embodying) the leadership style that you want to portray,” he explained.

It’s never too late

Royono says it is never too late to start up.

It can be disheartening considering how early many entrepreneurs begin their journey, but years of experience in corporate can also be a great advantage for your startup journey. “Snapcart is quite different from many others as our team’s average age is more than 30 years old … It’s a competitive advantage,” said Royono.

He stressed that his career path — deemed strange by some people — was chosen based on the desire to achieve more in life. Knowing that he would not be progressing by staying in a FMCG corporation, he bridged his career by delving into consultancy before finally getting into e-commerce.

“I always had this urge to build something in the technology sector. It drives me towards where I am now … My past experience in BCG (Boston Consulting Group) helps me to bridge my transition from FMCG to telco, whilst Berniaga allows me to enter digital,” said Royono.

“It’s all about knowing what you want,” he concluded.

Disclaimer: Ardent Capital, which is an investor in Snapcart, is also an investor in e27’s parent company Optimatic Pte Ltd.