PressLogic, a Machine Learning-based social media publishing startup, has secured US$10 million in Series A+ funding from Meitu, China’s leading image processing and social sharing platform.

The funding will allow PressLogic to build the female lifestyle content and the user-generated content (UGC) community in different cities, accelerate the growth of its audiences, and improve its services and self-developed data-driven analytics technology. The company also plans to expand into the e-commerce sector harnessing its own traffic and data.

“The Series A+ investment allows us to expand massively globally and grow to become the largest female lifestyle digital media & community player in Asia Pacific,” said Ryan Cheung, Founder and CEO of PressLogic.

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Established in 2016, PressLogic offers MediaLens, a self-developed data-driven analytics system combined with Machine Learning capabilities for optimising ROI performances in various social media, that uses data to build highly effective media networks in the digital world. It sources popular feeds, news, comments and hot topics from the internet 24/7. By analysing popular topics in each interest community, the system suggests specific content that are likely to go viral for the specific interest community.

Its other core business is GirlStyle, a UGC mobile app. Users from Hong Kong and five other places in Taiwan, Singapore, India, Korea, and Malaysia can post contents and make comments within the female community. This platform empowers female to record every day of their life and everyone can share their feelings and comments in the same community.

PressLogic also offers digital media and content marketing.

The startup also revealed that, in the future, its data-driven analytics system would be opened up to all other social media operators, including marketers and influencers to broaden its revenue source, assisting them to harness the data insight for better content analysis so as to improve the overall ROI on contenting.