One of the busiest sectors of Singapore’s startup scene — on-demand meal delivery — just got a bit more crowded. Grocery delivery startup honestbee will be launching the service next week, it announced in a Facebook post yesterday.

The company announced it will add meal delivery service in Singapore’s Central Business District, Bukit Merah and River Valley.

Plus, the company is including a launch-week competition for a chance to win S$30 (US$21) worth of meals. Read more on the Facebook post attached below.

honestbee has made its name as a grocery delivery startup across Asia. In Singapore, its main competition is the recently-acquired RedMart, while in countries like Indonesia it competes with HappyFresh.

According to the company’s factsheet, honestbee has 146 full-time employees and 1,200 shoppers to deploy into the new vertical.

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In Singapore, the on-demand meal delivery industry is robust and highly competitive. It includes brand-name companies like foodpanda, deliveroo and UberEATS along with niche companies like Grain, DishDash and AMGD.

That being said, it does not necessarily mean adding the additional vertical is a bad decision. According to multiple off-the-record conversations with ecosystem community members, one of the bright spots of Singapore’s startup economy is the ‘on-demand services’ sector. Whether it is Uber or Grab for transportation, or the multiple options for food delivery, people in the city are continuing to use on-demand services.

As the former Singapore General Manager of Deliveroo told e27 last fall, Deliveroo had captured about 5 per cent of the potential market in Singapore. This was said in the context of future opportunity, and that while meal delivery is a competitive field, the potential market is still large — meaning there may very well be room for honestbee.

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What makes honestbee’s move particularly interesting is, until now, food delivery startups have stayed in their lane. Grocery delivery startups focussed on groceries and meal delivery brought cooked-food to its customers.

honestbee will be a pioneer for companies considering both verticals, so it will be worth keeping tabs on its success or failure.