ComScore recently released their presentation, “State of Internet with a focus on Asia Pacific”, which reports on key findings of web portals and their usage among regional users.

More internet companies are setting up their offices in Asia countries to tap the exploding user base here as internet penetration rises. Here are some highlights from ComScore’s report:

Picture 8China’s dominance

China leads the pack in Asia in terms of number of Internet users. In the span of one year, the number of China web users has grown from 200.6 million to 263.8 million. That’s a growth rate of 31%, the highest among the surveyed countries. Japan takes the second position with 72.4 million users and an 11% growth rate.

Interestingly, though China has more users, the average time they spend on the internet is low compared to their counterparts in South Korea, Hong Kong and Singapore. This could be due to the prevalence of dial-up connections and low broadband availability in China.

ComscoreGender disparity and younger audience

Australia, New Zealand, Singapore and Hong Kong have more gender parity online than India, Indonesia and China. India has the lowest percentage of women Internet users in Asia (30%) followed by Indonesia (36%).

When it comes to young users, which comScore defines as those aged 15 to 24, Indonesia and the Philippines have the highest percentage, with 40% of their internet users falling into this category. India and Malaysia come a close second, both with with 38%, and about a third of China’s users are ‘young’.

Native language preference

Singapore, India and Malaysia are the only countries in Asia Pac that prefer to consume content in English. Hong Kong is divided, with half of its online populace preferring English and the other half preferring Mandarin. China, Japan and Taiwan prefer content that’s in their native language.

Native language preference is why Baidu, Tencent, SINA and Alibabas have such a high reach among users in China. Tencent has the highest usage in China because of its QQ application, with Facebook coming in second.


Though e-commerce is still in its infancy in Asia, average visits to online stores have increased, especially in China and Japan.

Comscore e-commerce

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