Ever fancied someone at a bar but can not come up with the courage nor the wit to approach and start a conversation? Ever dreamed of possessing the suave nature of James Bond or Bruce Wayne to approach the girl of your dreams? Harry’s Bar in Singapore has come up with a way to help single men start conversations with women with the help of technology.

Working together with Cheil Singapore, Harry’s Bar has launched a “Bottle Message” campaign that allows customers to purchase beers and send them with a message to people they fancy using QR codes. The designated bottles arrive with tags that includes instructions on how to download the app, send and retrieve the attached message and also to begin conversing anonymously with each other.

According to Campaign Singapore, the app was launched in mid-August at Harry’s@Esplanade with more than 120 downloads in less than three weeks. Harry’s Bar noted that people using the app are buying, on average, twice as much beer than they did without the app. “But most importantly, we see much more interaction at the bar. Guys are more confident in starting a conversation with girls, and girls are surprised by this cheeky but fun way of socialising,” said Alvaro Bruch, user interface designer at Cheil Singapore.

With the success of the app, Harry’s Bar is already planning to roll out this solution to other outlets by the end of September.

Image Credits: Gaylord Hotels, Weight Loss Blogger