E-commerce is — without a doubt — the most valuable product of technology.

It has been working wonders for shoppers and retailers alike ever since its first day.

With more and more retail businesses adopting the concept of e-commerce, the competition is getting tougher.

In order to stay in the spotlight, retail businesses have to take up social media, which is more of a necessity than an option if they wish to establish a strong online reputation and increase their website traffic.

The toughest job for an online retail business is to generate and drive the right type of traffic to its website.

This is not an easy task social media such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, are the best tools that can make miracles happen for online retailers.

Here is how smart marketers incorporate social media marketing into their e-commerce marketing strategies to boost traffic generation on e-commerce websites.

1. Follow your audience on social media

The foundation of marketing, be that digital or not is a direction.

The direction of marketing must always align with customer expectations, needs, and requirements.

Through social media, businesses can keep track of their customer profiles and analyze what they are looking for. This way the marketers will know which areas to hit!

2. Keep your audience engaged

The most significant advantage of social media is engagement.

Businesses can easily engage their followers and customers. Quizzes, competitions, live videos and making use of user-generated content is the perfect way to always keep your target audience engaged and happy.

3. Give your audience a reason to stay

Give your audience something they can hold onto, none of the followers will stay if they do not get anything valuable from it.

Retailers can engage the audience through polls, competitions and contests whereby they can then offer discounts, promo codes, and vouchers!

Who doesn’t love discounts? No one!

4. Add social media sharing buttons on the website

Provide the most top-notch customer service and the highest quality products to your customers by offering them a medium to share their experience with.

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The best way to do so is to incorporate social media share buttons on the e-commerce websites through which the customers can share the products among their social media network, increasing the number of new traffic to a website.

5. Benefit from the influencer market

Influencer market is at a high these days so why not use it to popularize the business?

Influencer marketing is one of the best ways to use social media for boosting the traffic of an e-commerce website.

After evaluating the influencer market, the marketers must hire the influencer that has content related to the business’ product/services!

It is a very impactful method to direct the target audience to the website!

6. Encourage customer reviews

Businesses must provide their customers with the best they can and leave social media marketing on these satisfied customers.

Customer reviews work like magic for retailers and are a very powerful tool and as social media is being widely used today, the chances that a satisfied customer will post a review are very high!

7. Take suggestions and value opinions

Customers love it if brands take their suggestions and value their opinions.

This can be done through accounts, groups or profiles of business’ social media.

Businesses can post that they need suggestions for their products, for example for a new shade they are about to launch in the lipstick series or a new flavour they want to introduce in their noodles!

This is a perfect way to take suggestions from the consumers and provide them with exactly what they need.

8. Join the hashtag marathon

Hashtags are the newest trend that is being used on Facebook, Twitter and even Instagram.

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The hashtags help businesses get discovered by the right audience at the right time. Which brings the audience to the website!

9. Open facebook shop/enable Instagram shopping

Facebook stores and Instagram shopping are the most seamless ways to drive traffic to an e-commerce website resulting in higher sales.

Businesses can make use of these amazing tools to provide a flawless online shopping experience to the customers.

If you are a struggling online retailer, social media might be one of the most essential e-commerce solutions that you need to mount your success or build a solid reputation.

The competition in the e-commerce sector is getting very tough and the only way to the top is through social media marketing!

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