Optimizing your e-commerce platform can yield a multitude of benefiting result.

But if not done right, the same thing can very much ruin everything for you. It can wreak havoc on your website. Here is what you need to avoid:

Keyword stuffing

The one thing that used to be the most common practice a decade ago is now completely abolished – Keyword stuffing.

Stuffing an article or website content with hundreds of keywords worked before, but now it would do the opposite of what you intend to do!

However, some webmasters still employ this strategy in their campaigns.

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Some marketers remain steady with spamming their own website with keyword-stuffed content and plagiarized phrases.

Poor meta descriptions

Marketers tend to overlook the importance of meta descriptions and tags, but they are there for a reason.

They are specially designed to inform Google about your content.

It explains to the search engine and visitors about the gist of your website. Thus they need to be as informative as possible.

Try to incorporate attractive tags and titles.

No-follow issue

A massive chunk of webmasters are still oblivious as to how to use the no-follow feature, and this can result in horrible damage to the SEO campaign.

This feature is essential to tell google crawler which links are not to be followed, as a consequence, the search engine would not follow that link, keeping the website unassociated with it.

Moreover, with the no-index tab, the search engine would refrain from indexing that page.

Not creating helpful content

Not being able to create good content is a problem.

With search engines crawling the content through search spiders and storing the information in their database for future use, lousy content or irrelevant content will definitely harm the website.

Content helps with ranking, the text is what Google needs.

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Surely there are various variations in different SEO equation, but the content is always the foundation. Can you think of creating links without content which is an essential metric for SEO.

Undervaluing your website

While trying to optimize any e-commerce website, it should never be considered as a part of the marketing budget.

It is your operational expense, just like any bill or tax paid to keep the company running.

Moreover, SEO also helps business in determining the purchase patterns of buyers.


To conclude, SEO has undoubtedly become one of the most efficient tools.

For those who are willing to direct all their forces and energy in the right direction, can help their websites fly.

SEO is not just an accepted fact for the 21st-century e-commerce website, but it cannot be ignored any further.

Without SEO, there is literally no other way to compete with businesses who are investing their resources in blossoming their visibility.

Therefore, regardless of business niche, SEO is compulsory.

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