Instead of competing with local delivery providers, foodpanda Thailand’s Co-founder and Managing Director, Alexander Felde told e27 in an interview that the Rocket Internet-backed company wants to focus on a “co-operative approach”.

This was in response to the firm’s most recent expansion into Chiang Mai, the sixth most populous city in Thailand, while partnering with local delivery service Road Runner. Felde spoke about combining the “local knowledge of the delivery provider in the respective market” with foodpanda’s strengths in marketing and IT.

Felde added:

“It’s about localising the product with a co-operative approach on a partnership rather than competing with each other. foodpanda can be seen as a marketplace for local food delivery provider and everyone in every city in Thailand can join as long as the company has proven its strength in operations. Our business model is complementary to the most food delivery providers in Thailand. With a combined effort we will reach the highest level of customer experience in every city.”

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In Chiang Mai, foodpanda has listed over 80 restaurants, which can be accessed on the web or via an Android or iOS smartphone. Contrary to popular belief, the startup does not have delivery teams on the ground to send food. Instead it manages and facilitates ordering of food through its platform online. The restaurant, however, is in charge of delivering the food.

In the coming months, foodpanda will be looking to establish long-term partnerships with famous local brands in Thailand, and expand to five more cities outside of Bangkok.