is a search engine specializing in cusines in Singapore that allows users to search online for food outlets according to their cravings and settings. By customizing the search accordingly to credit card promotions, locations, food places, types of cuisines, prices, and the type of settings (romantic, family dinner etc.), the search returns recommended food outlets to the user.

However, unlike search engines such as Google that scans the web for hitwords and returns the millions of results to the user, makes use of a database that is uploaded by the founders themselves and the general public – whoever that wants to submit or recommend a restaurant would log in at the website and submit an entry. Therefore, the more users who submit recommendations, the higher the hit rates of your search.

The home page was tastefully done with the search engine at the left portion, completed with other sections such as Ask Auntie on your favourite recipes, as well as the latest reviews submitted by food gurus.

A minor drawback is that outlets particulars and details such as prices, opening hours are hidden behind the link of the restaurant names after the search returns the results. It certainly took my friends and me quite a while to try clicking on the restaurants’ names to get those information that we wanted.

Although it’s free to conduct searches on, there are certain perks such as free vouchers for food at participating outlets if you sign up as members. For a personal experience, please visit .