Welcome to Tokopedia.

Welcome to Tokopedia. Photo by: Anisa Menur

Conveniently located in an area dubbed as ‘Slipicon Valley,’ Tokopedia.com‘s new office is indeed a marvel to look at. As I walked into their office on Monday, the first thing that greeted me was a human-sized version of their mascot and a spacious wooden bench paved with plastic green grass which sat right under a tree.

Grass and trees seemed to be the common theme in this office space.

Waiting room at Tokopedia HQ. This is a very large bench.

Waiting room at Tokopedia HQ. This is a very large bench. Photo by: Anisa Menur

“As you can see, the colour here is mostly green, as with our logo,” said Alan Chang from Products team, who was my guide for the day. It was indeed a great choice as it gives a calming effect to an otherwise hectic work schedule.

Tokopedia moved into Wisma 77 in Slipi, West Jakarta only three months ago, following the success of its series E funding round with Sequoia and SoftBank. The office is being divided into four different floors in the same tower, with each floor having its own unique feature and style.

“When we opened the tender for interior designers to design this place, only one designer stood out,” said Chang. “All the other designs were of very typical office spaces, with cubicles and all. But this one, as you can see, everything in it is different and circular,” he explained.

Coffee, anyone?

Coffee, anyone? Photo by: Anisa Menur

We began the tour by checking the meeting room facilities in the second floor, and each room has different kinds of chairs and desks. Some had bean bags, some had typical office chairs, some even had vintage-styled chairs.

One of the meeting rooms.

One of the meeting rooms. Photo by: Anisa Menur

Another unique feature of the meeting rooms is the inspirational quotes by world leaders adorning their walls. “The theme of these rooms is basically ‘founders’. People who had founded or started something. But yeah, there is Marie Curie on that room, she is kind of different,” Chang explained as we look at quotes by Mahatma Gandhi and Nelson Mandela.

Doing it as Gandhi said.

Doing it as Gandhi did. Photo by: Anisa Menur

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A place for everyone

Our next destination is the space where different Tokopedia teams work, which is located on three different floors. Apart from rows of long desks as in a typical open-office plan, I noticed that every floor has a spot where employees can sit comfortably and have discussions in.


Photo by: Anisa Menur

Some are in the form of comfy couches.


Photo by: Anisa Menur

Some even allo you to swing!

I also noticed that many of the desks are still empty. “We are constantly hiring, so we prepare our space to accommodate even more people,” said Chang.

Tunnel to another dimension. Kidding, that was finance room.

Tunnel to another dimension. Kidding, that was the finance room. Photo by: Anisa Menur

“Right now our customer service team is working in shifts. When we first began, we were only open on weekdays, nine-to-five,” he continued. “Once, we even had a ‘four-days-on, four-days-off’ policy. But we figured out how to do it better,” he added.

Elisa Suteja from Business and Merchant Developments is happy in a new building with greater facilities. “Back in our old office, we used to have two persons in one desk,” she explained. “We are getting busier and this is definitely a very great time for us,” she added, pointing at a whiteboard filled with schedules for educational tours to universities and trade centres.

Culture of sharing

As explained by William Tanuwijaya, CEO of Tokopedia, the company believes in a culture that encourages learning and sharing. There is no better facility to support it than a well-designed auditorium that allows employees and guest speakers to speak about any topic that excites them.

Those are not stones.

Those are not stones. Photo by: Anisa Menur

“This is where we hold events. In fact, tonight we will be hosting an exclusive event with people from Microsoft,” Chang explained.

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