Community Event Submission

This event submission portal helps the e27 editorial team get the word out about community events happening around the region quickly and efficiently. While we would love to have all events listed on our site, we want to focus on making it a community support effort while avoiding it being abused for commercial means. To make sure your event gets listed in a timely fashion, here are some guidelines to help us out:

  1. This event submissions portal is open for all community related, not-for-profit events. Organisers of for-profit events may contact e27’s marketing manager, Brian Koh, to discuss media partnership opportunities.
  2. Submissions will take up to three (3) working days to be approved so do submit them in advance. We do our best to push out event announcements regularly while continuing you bring you the latest news in the technology space.
  3. Each submission should have a 364px X 230px image uploaded. This can be a generic event-related photo or organiser’s logo. Our blog design handles featured images with a set dimension so following the recommended sizing will make sure that you images are properly displayed across all pages. (If you require photo-editing tools, please visit
  4. All submissions are subject to approval by the e27 editorial team. Incomplete submissions will be rejected.

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  • PK Chua

    May I submit this as an event?

    Mouton Rothschild, Chateau Margaux, Haut Brion Wine Tasting