Change is 21-day experience programme in Bali, Indonesia designed to create the foundations for growth, movement and transition, personally and professionally. We will have speakers and mentors such as Jeffrey Paine from Golden Gate Ventures & Founders Institute in Singapore, Tara Hirebet – Senior Consultant at The Futures Company and Lizi Hamer – Creative Director Sapient Nitro.

Over the 21 days participants go through a three-step process that enables the individuals to reassess their lives and ventures whilst designing the roadmap to where they want to be.

During the first week, we take you through a process of deconstruction to reconfigure your mindset and create the ideal space for the journey ahead. In week two, you will be immersed in a variety of workshops, skill-sharing sessions, mentorship and inspirational talks to further develop yourself and your venture. In your final week, we reconstruct. Using the tools and skills you’ve learnt, we help you distill your next steps and design a personalised action plan.

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Event details:

  • Start: Wednesday, 1 October, 2014 07:00 p.m.
  • End: Tuesday, 21 October, 2014 10:00 a.m.
  • Venue : Bali
  • Country :Indonesia
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  • Organizer : The Change School


Example agenda of one of the days at Change

Morning Free Time
Breakfast In Separate Villas
Daily Group Check In Session
Canvasing Our Business &/or Career Activity
Personality Discovery & Discussion
Press Release Activity (Future visions)
Lunch Activity (Participants will be divided into different groups for the activity)
Personal Time
Early Evening Yoga
Inspirational Discussion
Personal Time