With the rising number of scams from unidentified e-commerce platforms, the Communication and Information Ministry (Kemenkominfo) in Indonesia is set to conduct stringent, compulsory and thorough inspections of e-commerce provider upon registration. One of the conditions in the registration includes having to end the website link with local domain of .id. This new rule comes about at a Ministry’s Ruling Channel on Regulations of Registration Procedures for Electronic System Operator. It is set out to be launched this coming April.

According to Azhar Hasyim, E-Business Director of Directorate General for Informatics Application Kemenkominfo, the usage of this local domain allows the government to monitor, block or impose penalties upon dodgy e-commerce sites. Currently, the Indonesia government is helpless in monitoring sites with international domains, such as .com. This is because the government has no jurisdiction over these domains, and does not have possession of Indonesian e-commerce site owners’ information that use international domain.

Kemenkominfo has received many complaints and reports globally about scams by e-commerce sites in Indonesia. Hence, this new ruling sets a line, and also offers consumers some peace of mind. Not only that, the site owners are recognized by the government, and these get publicised by Kemenkominfo as safe online services. Considering this as a win-win situation, the government hopes that many budding e-commerce service owners will register their site with a local domain. Good news for current e-commerce sites as they do not face instant changes in their domain names. This means that no transition is required from the international domain to the local domain, but they are required to abide by the registration rules parallel to the government regulation on Implementation System and Electronic Transactions.

Source: DailySocial

Image Credit: Team Spyder