The tech industry has been buzzing with conversation about cryptocurrency, including the technology behind it: Blockchain. The blockchain technology has become the centre of attention thanks to its ability to offer a concept that is able to change we share information and conduct transaction. In principle, its decentralised nature offers fast information exchange with undefeatable security.

One of the most exciting updates on the use of blockchain in Indonesia is the participation of state-owned postal service PT POS Indonesia in implementing this technology. Through a system called, POS Indonesia wants to use the technology for different kinds of service, with multicurrency being one of them.

In a Media Indonesia report, PT POS Indonesia Managing Director Gilarsi Wahju Setijono explained that the blockchain technology can be implemented for current account services. The implementation is expected to bring evolution to the current account transaction process.

In the report, Setijono explained that POS Indonesia has always hold the function of a financial institution; it serves payments, money transfer and even the payment of civil servants and army members’ pension.

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With the launch of, current account asset management is expected to become more borderless: It will be able to use multicurrencies and gold.

“Multicurrencies in the same application can be used as a mean of payments. We can also use it asset management, such as buying gold and have it withdrawn at post offices. Users can even save their land certificate in it,” he said.

The system is also said to be able to save costs for migrant workers; from between six and seven per cent to just two per cent. The system will complement POS Indonesia’s service, not only in transactional purposes, but also in managing funds or assets. itself is one of the blockchain systems that POS Indonesia is working on with Corechain.

No information yet on how POS Indonesia is going to implement the system, but the postal service’s effort in implementing blockchain technology is a concrete steps in utilising innovation-led solutions.

POS Indonesia Terapkan Blockchain Melalui was written by Prayogo Ryza for DailySocial. English translation and editing by e27.

Image Credit: studiostoks / 123RF Stock Photo