Indonesia has been tagged as one of the Southeast Asian startup ecosystem to watch. We see venture capitals flocking in, incubators setting up, more and more local events held by the local communities, and more media coverage from the region. DailySocial compiled a handy list of tech investors which includes East Ventures, Merah Putih, GDP Ventures, Ideosource as well as a handful of others. Behind these are several facts and country data that backs this huge growth in interest towards this country.

To give you a better idea of why the Indonesian tech scene is on fire, here’s an informative video put up by Senry Alvin, shared by Danny Wirianto on his Mindtalk channel, which paints a clear picture of the huge growth in the country which has more than 17,000 islands:

Adding on to this, Google CEO, Eric Schmidt, also agrees with the huge opportunity in Indonesia in an interview with Huffington Post last year. “You have 180 million cell phones, but did you know that you have only about 18 percent Internet penetration?” said Schmidt. “You’re going to have an Internet explosion.”