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Jakarta-based fashion e-commerce platform PinkEmma announced that the company is currently undergoing several strategic changes to move its business forward.

As reported by DailySocial, PinkEmma Co-Founder Winda Rezita confirmed that the startup had closed its office in Jakarta, and is in the process of moving its operation to Bandung, where most of its products were made. She did not give more details regarding this move.

Questions began to arise last January, when the company’s social media channels became inactive (Comments from customers were not replied with the last update being on December 31), followed by a missing ‘order’ button in its website.

At the moment, there is a sign on PinkEmma’s website stating that the startup is currently ‘renovating’ with ‘a promise that we will return with new surprises.’

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PinkEmma was founded by Iwan Tantra, Winda Rezita and three other founders in 2012. Specialising in women’s fashion, the startup secured partnership with KakaoTalk for its chat-and-buy feature and featured several Indonesian celebrities as brand ambassadors during the peak of its popularity.

Competition in Indonesia’s fashion e-commerce scene got tougher, especially with new platforms being launched by well-funded conglomerates such as MAP Group’s MAP EMALL and MNC Group’s BrandOutlet.

In the last few months we have seen many companies rethinking their strategy to enter the market such as Moxy and Bilna, who merged and later rebranded itself into Orami.

Some did not succeed in doing so, leading them to leave the market as had happened to Rakuten and Paraplou.

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