East Ventures released an infographic showing its investment in consumer and web startups in Indonesia and Singapore. A summary of their activities from 2010 to 2012 are:

  • 26 investments made over the three years (Nine each in 2010 and 2011, eight in 2012)
  • Of the 26 investments the current status are six dead, eight active, 10 with follow on investment and two acquisitions.
  • Breaking down the investments by geography – Two in Singapore, 15 in Jakarta, two in Bandung and one in Jogjakarta

Here is East Ventures’ latest portfolio companies:

  • Disdus – group buying site acquired by Groupon
  • Found – mobile social app
  • NightSpade – mobile game development studio
  • PriceArea – price comparison site
  • SCOOP – magazine, book and newspaper reader app
  • TeknoUp – online media
  • Tokopedia – online marketplace
  • Trendi.st – *information unavailable
  • Urbanesia – Jakarta’s online lifestyle city directory
  • IdBlogNetwork – blog advertising network
  • Soybeansoft – game development studio
  • Tech In Asia – tech news
  • Berrybenka – female fashion e-commerce
  • Bilna – baby products e-commerce
  • Inapay – online payment solution
  • Jajalindo – travel activity search
  • Ohdio – music discovery
  • Sribu – design crowdsourcing
  • Traveloka – travel search engine
  • Urbanindo – online real estate marketplace

Other interesting information shared by East Ventures includes the gender and profession breakdown of the founders they invested in. 90 percent of the portfolio companies’ 47 active founders are male and more than 55 percent coming from a professional background. Fresh graduate founders made up less than 20 percent of the founders. All but two of the active founders are below the age of 35, with 17 coming from the age range of 30 to 34.

East Ventures 2010-2012 investments summary

View the full infographic of East Ventures’ investment history here.