As programmers, the founders of Indonesian asset management platform Amtiss saw opportunity to improve existing solutions that companies have been using to inspect and keep records of assets.

“We previously worked as programmers, most of our projects are enterprise applications such as payroll, inventory, and finance apps. Last year, we [got] involved on a project, [creating] an asset inspection app for Indonesia’s National Gas company which give us an idea to build a more flexible and adaptive application suitable for many industries,” explained CEO and Co-Founder Ivan F. Gautama in an e-mail to e27.

The team then developed a range of Cloud-based asset management and inspection tools with aims to make companies more efficient through preventive measures.

The Amtiss platform consist of a mobile and a desktop app. The Android-based mobile app is used by maintenance staffs to request scheduled upkeep, audits or inspections. They can also receive work order and give a throughout report completed with geotagged and watermarked photos. Meanwhile, the desktop app is used by supervisors to schedule, give work order, assign teams, and review the results.

Working on monthly subscription basis, the tools can be used by companies in various industries, ranging from mining, construction, transportation, government, safety and audit consultant, and even hospitality.

“We build a flexible module to adapt the variety of different assets. We also build a templating module for each industries,” explained Gautama.

Amtiss was founded by Gautama, Rizka Dwitama (CTO), Doni Hadiansyah, and Fively Darmadi (BD Manager) in 2015. Based in Bandung, the startup is currently run by a team of six. It is a part of Telkom Indigo’s incubator programme, and has managed to secure five enterprise clients since joining the programme in July 2015.

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The Amtiss team is fully aware that in Indonesia, the B2B sector is not considered sexy by most investors and startups (who are more focussed on e-commerce and on-demand services). However, they still see a great opportunity to make revenue from this sector.

“We learned that most companies [are] willing to pay [for] something that can help them make more money or save money,” said Gautama.

“Indonesia alone has 55,000 medium to large-sized enterprises, according to Central Bureau of Statistics (BPS). With our geographical nature, many enterprises have operation throughout different areas. This calls for an application that can reach out to their branches, real-time information and easy-to-access report for executives,” he continued.

Marketing a B2B products certainly require its very own unique strategy, with the startup claiming that they have not spent much on advertisements.

“We’ve only gone through business-focussed social media to expand our network, [attending] trade shows and business meetups. As its nature, B2B customers’ decision-making lies in different [people] and different levels or departments, which makes the closing process longer than B2C,” Gautama explained how the process differs.

“This is the challenge that we’re facing as a B2B startup,” he added.

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Amtiss founders

Amtiss co-founders Fively Darmadi, Ivan F. Gautama, and Doni Hadiansyah (Image Credit: Amtiss)

Regarding future plan, Gautama said that greater user acquisition is definitely on the agenda for 2016. He also stated that the startup has begun to look for further investment, with the aim to boost their brand, strategic marketing, and talent acquisition.

“We plan to grow our presence among the enterprise and collaborate with asset vendors as their after-sales service application for their customers,” explained Gautama.

“We are aiming at getting 200 customers on board this year,” he closed.

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