A lover of how Instagram made photo-sharing fun through its community and strong feedback loop, Jon Yongfook Cockle wanted to use this inspiration to create a fashion social network that married editorial and e-commerce. That was how #OOTDX got started.

Also know as Outfit Of The Day, the platform is a place where fashion lovers can come and share their everyday outfits. Users can also enjoy each other’s outfits and search by country and hashtags. Similar to Instagram, users can follow other users they like and get a Facebook-like feed of activity around their content; who is liking their outfits, who is following them and who is commenting on their outfits.

The newly-launched site has already received more than 100 uploads on its first day and is looking to have upcoming features such as an editorial and e-commerce section. “By marrying these elements, we are essentially working to create a next-generation magazine”, says Jon, the founder of #OOTDX and other startups such as 24-12, TinyTrunk and Whereco.

TinyTrunk is an e-commerce platform for merchants and was recently involved in a new partnership with Singtel Digital Media.

Logo for #OOTDXBecause of Jon’s strong experience in the fashion and luxury e-commerce, #OOTDX will be a valuable data mining tool for style-spotting and trend-spotting in an automated. The data could even be used to curate or design items to sell. This monetization model differentiates itself from #OOTDX’s biggest competitor, Lookbook, which has still yet to innovate its business model past their current advertising model.

With other fashion startups like Clozette taking Asia by storm, an entrance like #OOTDX will definitely heat up the fashion social network space in Asia and make things more exciting for both consumers and entrepreneurs. Meanwhile, fashion-lovers who may not be into sharing your outfits, should also check out #OOTDX as a great archiving tool to remember your outfits.