For those who are unfamiliar with Insync, it is a cross platform web app which allows you to sync and share your folders between computers. The web app is available for Mac OS X, Windows and machines running on Linux, and is now available on mobile too.

Introducing Insync for Windows Phone

All Windows Modern UI fans and Windows Phone owners are in for a treat as Insync brings Google Drive/ Docs support to Windows Phone users. Windows Phones power users now have access to features like multiple account support, offline folders and files, shareable link creation, photo uploading (with compression), streaming music and videos and much more.

Insync for Windows Phone is available for a one time fee of $4.99 and you can download it at the Windows Phone StoreWhen asked how the team arrive at the final $4.99 pricing, co-founder and CEO Terence told us that it was based on similar apps on Windows Phone as well as other platforms.

Insync for Gmail Beta 2 is up and running

The official Insync blog post explains the new version:

Attachments are necessary but are painful to manage. They clutter your hard drive with unrecognizable file names like: “project-work (2).doc”. Sooner or later you lose track of versions. Later on, to sync it to your cloud storage, you have to download each version from Gmail and upload it again. It’s a painful process that we have become numb to. With Insync for Gmail, it does the dirty work for you with a simple button, ensuring that all your files are synced and updated to the latest version.

CEO Terence Pua worries about execution and hiring

The team is currently working on their 1.0 release for Mac, Windows as well as their iOS and Android app. With a lean team of only 8 persons working on products on multiple platforms, I asked CEO Terence what worries him the most about the company. Unsurprisingly, it was “execution and hiring the best people.”