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e27 Academy Roadshow in Manila

Join our Telegram Channel and Group now!

Dear readers,

The e27 team is always in search of better ways to connect with our community of readers and contributors. We want to hear more from you, and to get you more involved in all the excitements that we get to offer.

This is why in order to complement our existing social media channels, today we would like to introduce you to our Telegram Channel and Group!

What are we up to with these new additions? With the Telegram Channel, we are going to keep you updated with our latest articles and activities.

Meanwhile, through our Telegram Group, we are going to bring back our AMA feature (with a new twist!), fun discussions and (debates!), giveaways (remember that Echelon Asia Summit 2019 is on its way! *wink*), and a monthly award for high-achieving startups and contributors!

So join our Telegram Channel and Group – looking forward to see you there!


The e27 Content team