Southeast Asia based venture investor and builder with an experienced entrepreneural team that had extensive success-records in exiting through public markets in Southeast Asia and Australia.

About Fatfish

Fatfish Internet Group Ltd (‘FFG’) is a Southeast Asian and Australian based Internet venture investment and development firm. FFG partners with entrepreneurs to help them build and grow Internet businesses via a co-entrepreneurship model.

FFG’s co-entrepreneurship model seeks an active involvement from seed funding stage to exit stage of its investee companies. In parallel FFG seeks to provide a collection of resources and expertise to support entrepreneurs in important areas such as business strategy, market access, talent recruitment, product development and corporate strategy.

This unique “seed-to-exit” approach makes FFG a strategic partner that provides the funding, resources and platform to hasten the growth of promising technology businesses.

FFG also offers corporate advisory services specializing in working with tech companies to bring to bear alternative funding and growth models for tech companies through Initial Public Offerings (IPOs) or capital market transactions vide trade sales or Mergers & Acquisitions (M&A).

Previous Investments

Round: Pre-Seed
Round Size: $100K
Date: Aug, 2019
Round: Series A
Round Size: -
Date: Sep, 2016
Round: Seed
Round Size: $180K
Date: Jul, 2016
Round: Venture Round
Round Size: $735K
Date: Mar, 2016
Round: Post IPO Equity
Round Size: $2.6M
Date: Feb, 2016
Round: Seed
Round Size: $400K
Date: Jun, 2015
Round: Seed
Round Size: $300K
Date: Feb, 2015
Round: Acquisition
Round Size: $1M
Date: Oct, 2014
Round: Acquisition
Round Size: -
Date: -