Tri5 Ventures

Tri5 Ventures

Pre-Series A Investment up to USD300,000. Startup target markets to be in Southeast Asia.
Themes: ICT, IOT and Adv. Manufacturing.
Verticals: Consumer fronting, property, services, data analytics

About Tri5 Ventures

TRi5 (pronounced “Thrive”) is different from traditional accelerators which run boot camps. It has a rolling program catered specifically to our startups.

A long-term partner. We are not just mentors but jumping on the bandwagon with you. We support your vision and dream to get there.

Connections to large clients in Singapore. Connections and relationships are privileged. Tri5 knows owners of industry leaders in Singapore in the fields of Hospitality, Lifestyle Entertainment, Retail, F&B, eCommerce and Education who work with us because we know them. You will get connected to these clients as part of Tri5.

Your business gets connected to partners and clients overseas. Tri5 has years of connections to various people in key positions in various countries who can be potential partners in the global expansion.

Your business gets global branding and attention. Tri5 will work on a tailored branding and PR plan for your business to get the right attention from investors, clients and partners in the global arena.

Your business gets real cash investment. We don’t include intangibles like mentorship, time and connections into a subjective value and consider it as part of the investment. If your company shows value, we will buy into the company with cold hard cash.


Christopher Quek
Christopher Quek Managing Partner Oct, 2014 - Present

Previous Investments

Round: Seed
Round Size: $648K
Date: Apr, 2018
Round: Seed
Round Size: $220K
Date: Nov, 2017
Round: Seed
Round Size: $294.3K
Date: Sep, 2016
Round: Series A
Round Size: $2.67M
Date: Aug, 2016
Round: Seed
Round Size: $300
Date: Dec, 2015
Round: Seed
Round Size: $177K
Date: Aug, 2015