Kamcord, a US-based iOS and Android software development kit (SDK), today announced that it has seen success in localising its platform into Chinese and Japanese, and evidently so, with Japanese game publisher Namco Bandai as a partner for game app Gregg.

With Kamcord on board, gamers are now able to record their mobile gameplays into videos which they can then share anywhere.

Aditya Rathman, Co-Founder, Kamcord

Aditya Rathman, Co-Founder, Kamcord

This piece of news comes shortly after the Tencent- and Innovation Works-funded startup shared in September that it will eye Asia with its Android launch. In addition, Kamcord announced in an official statement that it has joined the Unreal Engine 3 Integrated Partners Programme, which includes companies such as Oculus VR, NationalMotion and Intel.

The company behind the Integrated Partners Programme, Epic Games, is also the studio that created hits like Infinity Blade. Tim Sweeney, Founder and CEO, Epic said, “The Kamcord integration with Unreal Engine 3 provides awesome real-time video recording and social sharing functionality that developers can drop into their mobile games for added appeal.”

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With over two billion videos recorded, and one video shared every five seconds, Kamcord is working on getting more game companies on board as partners. Aditya Rathman, Co-Founder, Kamcord told e27 that the team is constantly trying to talk to Mojang to allow in-game video recording of Minecraft on a smartphone.

Will they succeed? We’ll just have to wait and see. But please, Mojang, get Kamcord on board.