Looking for an Android cross-device messaging app much like what Apple has for iOS 5 and the upcoming Mountain Lion OS desktop OS? MightyText, built by ex-Googlers, may be the app you are looking for.

I have always been a staunch Android supporter when it comes to choosing a smartphone. So far, I have been pretty satisfied with all my long-term relationships with my Android phones except for one widely-known fact about apps that annoys me the most: Most new and cool apps are usually first built on the iOS platform, then later on Android (or not). It sucks to be on the waiting end for companies to develop the Android version of a cool app that would have lost its novelty for iPhone fanboys and girls. Worst still, sometimes they never make it to Android user.

One company, made up of a team of of ex-Google employees with vast experiences in the tech scene, has managed to break this notion by offering an awesome ‘text from your computer’ service way before Apple’s iMessage feature was made available on iOS 5. The app called “MightyText”, works pretty much the same as the iMessage – but, better!

MightyText works as an extension on Chrome with the web app currently in beta, scheduled for public release soon.

Screenshot of conversation box on MightyText's web app

Here’s what I love about the app:

MightyText is cross-platform and cross-device

iMessage on iOS 5 allows text messaging on cross-platforms for Apple devices (iPhone, iPad and Mac) only. This would mean that if I have an iPhone, but I’m using a Windows PC, I would not be able to enjoy the cross-device function of iMessage. Unlike iMessage, MightyText is not only cross-device, but also cross-platform. I am an Android phone user that uses a Macbook Pro. Because the synchronisation between devices is based on using a common Gmail account login, MightyText can work between any Android phone with a PC or Mac.

Real-time update of incoming and outgoing texts or calls

Be it phone calls or SMS, MightyText will automatically update  and synchronise your interactions on the phone’s Messaging app and web app or chrome extension. Google contacts and past messages on the phone are synced to the web app every time an Internet connection is established. Another plus point of the app is the immediate pop-up notification window that appears on the top right hand corner of the screen whenever a phonecall or text comes in.

Created by founders who were previously from Google, it is no wonder why the synchronisation between messages from the phone is so smooth.

Sleek interface and great user experience

The interface of MightyText looks pretty much like the messaging interface of Android phones. The simplistic design of the web app’s layout such as the minimal use of relevant buttons and distinct separation of phone contacts from the message thread makes it very intuitive and easy to use for first time users. Like Android smartphone’s differently-colored text message bubble to clearly distinct the text messages sent out by the sender and recipient, MightyText has adopted this layout onto its web app to give users the familiar feeling of sending texts from their phone.

Overall rating

A downside of the app though, is that standard SMS charges from your service carrier still apply as MightyText sends and receives texts from your Android phone. This is, however, not too big an issue as nowadays, most mobile plans come with unlimited texting.

When will MightyText will come in handy:

  1. In times when you forget to leave home with your phone
  2. When you do not want to be constantly interrupted by your phone during work
  3. When you phone runs out of battery
  4. Texting discreetly at work or in school

Overall, this is one of the best Android apps that I have come across and been religiously using ever since. I love this app especially on days when I forget to bring my phone out. MightyText allows me to stay connected on the ‘phone’ on days when I am without it. Personally, I’m on my laptop most of the time and find it pretty annoying to have to switch devices between the laptop and smartphone. I’m glad I no longer have to be interrupted by my phone in between work.

I rate this app 4.8 out of 5.- Android users should really try it out!

This MightyText review article is done based on my three weeks use of the beta version of MightyText’s web app. The web app is undergoing updates and will be released for public use soon. Keen Android users can use MightyText’s Chrome extension, which works pretty much similar to the web app version.

To get early access to MightyText’s web app, you can also contact the company at http://help.mightytext.net/

How to get started with MightyText:

1. Install the MightyText Android app from Google Play
2. Install MightyText Chrome extension from the Chrome Web Store

Note that for both Google Play and Chrome Web Store, you will need to install and configure with the same Gmail account.

Update: MightyText does not work when the phone runs out of battery. According the Co-founder, MightyText treats the phone as a “router”. Thus, it has to have battery in order for it to work.