PanoPlaza is likewise, a product from Japan that helps customers to view and shop for goods virtually by creating a virtual panoramic view for online stores. The team exhibited their product at Japan Satellite and Echleon 2012, and also announced last September that they were planning to enter the real estate and events market.

e27-panoplaza-logo1Today, Panoplaza officially announces that it will be adding Don Quijote to its increasing portfolio by creating panoramic virtual tours of each Don Quijote outlet. The purpose of this is to be able to share each store’s panoramic view within the company and staff members.

Conventionally, when each new Don Quijote store opens or store’s interior changes, staffs from the headquarter and other stores would need to do a store visitation to share and train the others about display merchandising. Since Don Quijote has hundred of stores all over Japan, this can be a difficult and cost-inefficient task.

Therefore, Panoplaza is now able to create a framework for Don Quijote that shortens the time of sharing the newly opened store’s display environment and also reduces the overall costs of store management and transportation. Ever since Don Quijote has started using PanoPlaza, over 600 panorama photos in 21 stores have been taken and uploaded on PanoPlaza.  This covers 50,000 square meters of store area and speeds up intelligence sharing within the company.

panoplaza-donki (2)


To find out more about PanoPlaza and this interesting product, do check out two of their best virtual stores that are available for viewing: the Tokyo’s Daimaru Department Store and Nissen Smileland Shibuya.