Retailers and individuals looking to capitalise on the e-commerce boom across the globe can now look forward to even more innovation in the industry.

BASE, a Japan-based e-commerce store builder, has today announced receiving US$3 million from Japanese venture capital firm Global Brain, via Tech in Asia. The new injection of funds will be used to give its engineering, support and public relations teams a boost.

The small firm typically touts two selling points: firstly, businesses can create a website within 30 seconds, and secondly, unlike on other e-store builders, users do not have to pay to create a website. However, the startup also added that its monetisation plan to charge users for extension apps and other features may kick in this 2015.

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At the moment, the two-year-old solution is powering more than 80,000 web stores in its home country, Japan.

Market expansion is also in the pipeline. In the future, BASE will be bringing its solution to other countries in Asia and North America, where English is commonly used.

More details to follow.