The all-in-one social network aggregation service,,  launches today and will be brought to worldwide social network users from the top of Mt. Fuji next week.

EverConnect, a Japan based startup is launching what is called THE Social Communication platform: According to CrunchBase, the team is funded by Voyage Ventures, Netage Inc and Neptune Group for a total of US$200,000. They have also won quite a few awards, including the Red Herring Top 100 Asia Winner, 2011 Red Herring Top 100 Global Finalist, Innovation Weekend Grand Finale 2011 Vice Champion as well as SF NewTech Japan Night Semi-Finalist.

So what is EverConnect? In this digital age, chances are each of us have several online presences on social networks such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Foursquare, Google+ and a handful of others. EverConnect wants to help you aggregate all of them into one centralized dashboard. Not only does EverConnect aggregates your social channels, it also aggregates all your inboxes (emails, Facebook messages, Twitter messages) into its unified inbox. Solving the social communication overload of managing multiple social networking services and contact lists by unifying all profiles in one place, offers an easier, quicker and more efficient social networking experience.

“I came up with the basic idea 15 years ago,” said Yutaka Shinohara, founder and CEO of EverConnect Corporation. “Already then keeping in touch was difficult. In addition to my business and personal email, I used ICQ for communicating with my friends. I wanted to create a tool that would easily manage contact lists and work as an extended intranet for sharing content, messaging and keeping in touch with old friends. In following years my contact list got larger and all new exciting Social Networks reshaped the way we communicate with each other. It was final time to manage and organize our online communication, without limiting the amount of data and people we are interacting with.”

EverConnect will reveal the new service today, 19  July, at a closed party at their headquarters in Tokyo. For the general public, there will be another separate event on 28 July, where will connect with its users from Japan’s highest mountain, Mount Fuji, posting real time updates from the mountain climb via The real time updates will feature sharings of the sunrise at Mount Fuji with social network users worldwide. During that weekend (28 to 29 July), social media users are encouraged to try out the fun and  simple service.  is also giving lifetime free premium licenses to the first 100,000 registered users!