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As the CEO of PRØHBTD, a leading video production, branding & content marketing studio for the cannabis industry, Drake is uniquely positioned to speak on investment in the cannabis space. As cannabis comes into the mainstream — socially, medically, and legally — investment opportunities abound.

In today’s episode you’ll learn:

  • About the current legal and social landscape of cannabis
  • Which areas of the space are risky investments
  • Drake’s views on mainstreaming the cannabis market
  • About PRØHBTD Media’s business model
  • Drake’s five-year forecast for the cannabis space
  • Drake’s advice for aspiring entrepreneurs

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Detailed show notes

  • (1:35) Drake’s self introduction
  • (2:37) Drake’s background before entering the cannabis space
  • (6:31) The current popularity and legal landscape of cannabis
  • (9:19) Drake’s views on the legal risks of investing in the cannabis space
  • (12:09) Drake’s views on mainstreaming the cannabis market
  • (15:03) Jay and Drake discuss cannabis and the health and wellness industry
  • (16:45) How PRØHBTD Media partners with their clients
  • (19:21) Drake describes “the three legs of the stool” of PRØHBTD Media
  • (22:58) Drake’s five-year forecast for the cannabis industry and PRØHBTD
  • (25:01) Drake’s thoughts on the best places to invest in the cannabis space
  • (28:51) Drake and PRØHBTD’s near-term goals
  • (31:29) Drake’s advice for young entrepreneurs

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