At around the ages of 5-7, most kids begin to ask their parents, “What do you do for a living?”. All of the children in school are comparing their parents’ job in a nearly universal moment of growing up.

Kent Langley is the Chief Exponential Officer at ProductionScale. He has introduced the idea of ‘exponential organisation’ (the goal of achieving 10x growth at 1/10th the cost) and teaches the fundamentals at Singularity University.

Langley is a firm believer that technology can be used for the greater good and can be the solution to many of the world’s problems.

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For those that want some inspiration in their day, this podcast is perfect. Full show notes below.

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Detailed Show Notes

  • (3:01) Kent’s entrepreneurial background
  • (4:40) What is an exponential organization?
  • (6:14) How failure and embarrassment led Kent to discover his massive transformative purpose
  • (8:26) Kent’s current ExO projects
  • (10:43) How any organization can implement the global ExO framework
  • (15:30) What it means to be an ExO
  • (16:15) On helping cities adapt to an increasingly technological world
  • (18:18) The potential for Asia to become an ExO hub
  • (19:08) What is data activation?
  • (22:09) How does data activation tie in to the ExO movement?
  • (23:14) On Singularity University and Kent’s role as a faculty member
  • (25:43) Singularity University’s course offerings and what it takes to attend SU
  • (28:53) Kent’s ambitious goals for 2017
  • (30:18) On being remembered for generosity and openness