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  • How to leverage the Chinese marketplace to grow your e-commerce business
  • Why now is the best time to take your business to Asia
  • How to make important life decisions using Mike’s matrix method

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Detailed show notes

  • (1:55) Mike’s busy personal and professional life
  • (4:39) Mike’s journey from Wall Street to entrepreneurship
  • (10:19) How Mike makes major life-changing decisions
  • (13:58) Mike’s parents react to his decision to leave the security of his corporate Wall Street job
  • (14:58) What drove Mike to move to China
  • (20:35) Mike sells his early ecommerce business and solidifies his status as a serial entrepreneur
  • (23:32) Global From Asia’s typical client
  • (25:13) On helping businesses in China go global
  • (26:43) Mike’s big plans to drive business throughout 2017 and beyond (including 2018’s Cross Boarder Summit