Not many people featured on e27 once toured around the US and Asia as a successful rockstar; but for Jeff Goins, that was the life he once lived.

Like many people, what he thought was his passion left the sticky sense that something was missing. After reflecting on his life, Goins found his enthusiasm again in writing.

Fastforward to today and Goins is the bestselling author of The Art of Work and You Are a Writer (So Start Acting Like One).

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In this week’s episode of The Jay Kim Show, Goins lays out the path to help people turn what they love into a career.

Shownotes are below.

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Detailed Show Notes

  • (1:55) Jeff Goins on Jeff Goins
  • (2:14) How Jeff discovered his true calling and went from pseudo rock star to full-time writer in the process
  • (8:10) On using your intuition and listening to your inner-self to find your own calling and live a life of purpose
  • (11:05) Three questions you can ask yourself today to help you find your own life’s purpose
  • (17:55) On Real Artists Don’t Starve and how to turn your passion into a career
  • (22:31) Jeff’s actionable advice for starving artists (or entrepreneurs) hoping to thrive
  • (25:15) On the power of apprenticeships and why you shouldn’t call yourself an expert if you haven’t put in the time to master your craft
  • (29:02) On being remembered for spreading thoughtful ideas